• Image of (OUT OF STOCK ONLY MADE UPON SPEACIAL ORDER)EarthDerALL™  (kava kahtva nectar) 4 oz

is is kava kava and raw coconut nectar based nectar that is natural Stress reliever
kava kava is root that is harvested in the islands and drank amongst the islanders to resolve conflicts and many "shamanic" or ritualistic occasions.
Kava Kava has many health benefits the best one to me is ets ability to calm the mind and body within seconds of taking into the bloodstream.
Kava Kava is great for those who need assistance with the following :
-Concentration (so called adhd)
-deep sleep (lucid dreaming)
-afro inner traveling spiritually
-pain dissovled
-cramps in wombman
-digestion-appetite suppress.
-alternative to wine or alcho-hell
-lifting mood while in rome/work/job among the sleepers/clones
-sensuality while in nature or pair bonding with loved one
-and many moor
(this nectar contains ORGAINIC wild harvested kava kava from the many diff islands,organic raw coconut nectar ,organic cinnamon oil.)
DIRECTIONS - clean mouth with sea salt water for 4 mins or oil pull to open up vessels in and under mouth.
after cleaning mouth take 2 tsp or a tbsp on tongue and let dissolve or press against roof of mouth
effects kick in within 40-60 seconds.
dont be scared if your mouth starts feeling slightly numb as this is the natural effects of the kavalactones entering your bloodstream.
go sit in nature with a loved one or listen to your favorite jazz or electronic music or even inner travel .
if taking moor than suggested serving at once please do not drive if this is your first time or not used to this as et has reverse tolerance to the kava meaning et gets stronger every time u use et.